Portable Heat at a Small Price

SpendLessOnHeat.com president Jeff Backer explains the benefits of using portable Infrared Heaters over conventional methods.

Jeff Backer Summer is over, leaves are falling and cold days are fast approaching. With winter comes drafty rooms and those dreaded high energy bills. There are many steps that can be taken in a home to improve efficiency and lower utility costs, but one of the simplest and most economical choices you can make comes in the form of a 20 pound box that ships right to your door!

OK, so you know I'm talking about an infrared heater, but do you know why infrared heat is so easy on utility bills? Today's infrared heat technology differs from traditional, electric energy-hogging space heaters in lots of ways. The advances made within this industry in the last few years have been astounding. Just consider these facts:

  • Infrared heaters use 30-50% less energy than traditional methods and heat areas up to 1,000 square feet
  • They're safer since they're housed in a cool-to-the-touch wooden cabinet instead of metal or aluminum
  • Infrared heaters are environmentally friendly
  • They heat an entire room in peace with no loud humming or background noise
  • Infrared heaters deliver a deeper heat without drying out the air or irritating respiratory systems

OK... so what makes infrared so special?

The benefits of infrared heat are clear, but what makes it better than traditional heating methods? That’s a great question and one that people usually ask before they buy a portable infrared unit to compliment their existing heating solutions. There are three types of heat utilized in today: radiant, solar and infrared.

Radiant heat is the most common and relies almost entirely on the combustion of fossil fuels. These include kerosene, natural gas, propane and even wood heaters and stoves. Not only can these heaters be dangerous, but they're notoriously bad for the environment, too. And fuel for radiant heaters can be very expensive.

While renewable heat sources like Solar can be economical once a system is in place, up front costs are typically much more, and the savings from these systems may not pay for themselves before the end of their useful life.

Infrared heat, on the other hand, utilizes the safest form of radiation without any of the risks or high costs of other heat sources. Safe, cost-effective and efficient portable infrared heaters push natural heat into the room, and that heat is absorbed by furniture, flooring and the human body. The heaters are easy to move from room to room and the cabinet never gets hot, so it's completely safe around children and pets.

Save a ton of money on your energy bills

Infrared heaters are safe, do not use a flame or emit harmful fumes, and are simple to set up and operate. And because the heaters can be moved easily to the area you want to heat, you can see lots of savings by not having to heat your whole house. This type of "zone heating" means the heat stays where you want it. As you can see from this savings calculator, lowering the thermostat a few degrees and running a portable infrared heater in the rooms you use is enough to save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills.

Lots of our customers report saving enough on reduced heating bills to pay for the cost of their new infrared heater within the first few months!

It feels good, too!

Infrared heat is therapeutic, too and has been proven not just to warm rooms but also to ease muscle and joint pain, increase blood flow and improve flexibility. In fact, infrared heat is so effective that millions of Americans have made small investments into infrared saunas to compliment their healthy lifestyles.

So why wait? Winter is coming, keep your family toasty warm at a fraction of the usual cost! See our complete line of infrared heaters to find the perfect one for you.

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