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What's not to love? We offer quality infrared heaters that can help you save up to 50% off your winter heating bill, and we take pride in our top-notch customer service. Our customers consistently give us glowing reviews. Read on to see what they're saying.

Customer Service is excellent on your end. Thanks - Tim M.

Thanks for your help and a good product. - Clarence F.

Thank you for your prompt service - Frieda E.

Thanks You very much. It was such a pleasure to deal with you. You seem like my kind of people. Kindest Regards, - T. Moore

I would like to say that we are certainly enjoying our heater. We have been greatly surprised at the heat it provides. Thanks, - Sue M

You all are the BEST!!! What a quick response! The heater is wonderful. I never expected such a prompt reply! Have a wonderful weekend! - Kathryn

Wow! Thanks! All my friends are going to buy your heaters!!! - Carolyn E

I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery! I LOVE my new heater! I was unsure that it would heat the big room I had, but it works great! For the first time I have a very warm room! Thanks again, and I have recommended your heater to all my family. May God Bless! - Vickie T.

I will be recommending your heater to everybody because of your excellent customer service. - Corey K.

The heater is operating just fine. It is nice to know that if I have problems, you do have good customer support for your product. - S.R.

You are a professional and my heater is working in my living room. I'll let you know how much money it saves from last year, on my next utility bill. - J.M.

I wish to thank you for your input and support in the repair of my heater. The calibrator tool is on it's way back. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR PROMPT SERVICE. I'll let other people know when ever I can. Sincerely, - Frank R.

I cannot say enough good about this company. Last year I saved about $1,000 on my heating bill. That is why I am ordering a 2nd one this year. - Bob J.

Thank you in advance for being the kindest to work with. I wished every company were like you. Many could take lessons. Thank you again, - C.A.

Thank you so very much for your prompt reply and for the great service. - Jay W.

We LOVE our 1500 unit. I cannot say enough good about this company. Last year, I saved about $1,000 on my heating bill. That's why I'm ordering a second one today! - Robert Jones, PA

You guys have awesome customer service. Make a point of that in your banner ads and the ads will be backed up by user comments as it's very true! We've heard time and time again that folks are very happy with your service. - S. Hopkins

I wish to thank you for your input and support in the repair of my heater... Thanks again for your prompt service. I'll let other people know whenever I can. - Mr. Randall, AZ

It is amazing that I got my three heaters this morning when they didn't ship out until Wednesday afternoon from your place and that is just by regular ground shipping all the way to Ohio! I also sent a complementary email to UPS letting them know how great they are. Your company is an example of great customer service! Thanks! - R. Fielder, OH

YAHOO! I just got my first power bill and I am so excited. This month last year was not near as cold as this year and I saved almost $50.00. My house has never been warm and is now. I have an electric fireplace in my room and let it run 2 evenings as we were running 20 below zero. My complete bill for my entire house last month was only $140.00, in those temperatures. I can remember my home having bills of over $350.00 in a month. I love your heater and I have let lots of people know about my little miracle box in my home. Carry little fliers in my purse so I can pass the info on. Got my first $20.00 check yesterday from you because one person thought it was so great, and purchased one from you too, and mentioned my name. I've been told I should set up a little shop with these because I am so excited about them. I am a single mom on a very tight budget and this is such a wonderful blessing to me. My mom says she is just glad she can put her head on her pillow at night and know my home is warm now. Thanks so very much. - D. La Bolle

Thank you. Thank you. My wife and I like the look and the comfort of the heater. Man, Oh Man! Its just great! Real small and no fan noise. Thank you for getting it out as soon as you did. Tonight, it's going to be in the 20's with the wind blowing. We have it on right now, and the whole house feels like summer. We live in a small brick home of 800 sq ft. There are 365 mobile and house parks here in the valley. In our park, we have 424 residences with houses and parked models of 400 sq ft. So I am going to invite some people in tonight and show them what it will do. I will sell a lot of them for you guys. Jeff we love you and God Bless you. Thanks again. - E. Williams
Mission, TX

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